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Fast Hiring Process

We invest our time up front. Understanding your requirements thoroughly ensures a 48 hour turn around on PROVEN. TALENT.

Low Fees

Our fees range from a 25% to 35% markup depending on the project size. What makes our fees low is that guarantee PROVEN. TALENT.

Large Talent Pool

Berean has its own database of PROVEN. TALENT.

Local & Remote

Once a role is defined we ensure performance. Many miss how important it is to define jobs and roles. Once this happens its not hard to ensure PROVEN TALENT. ON DEMAND.

24 Years of Experience

Many companies close after year 1 because they are not experienced or well-funded. Berean has unlimited funding to supply from 1 to 1000 employees and guarantee performance for 2 weeks. If our people do not meet your expectations you don’t pay. PROVEN TALENT. ON DEMAND.

Custom Consulting

Berean does not know everything and neither do our clients. What we are very good at is defining projects and finding the precise PROVEN TALENT. ON DEMAND.

Discover the proven talent of highly qualified, experienced, professional consultants and how they deliver quality resources in a supportive environment.