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2014 is around the corner and the Federal stimulus, CMS incentives apply to EMR implementing facilities who install an approved electronic medical record system to comply with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Will your facility meet the challenge?

We are an organization that specializes in providing a wide bandwidth of networks and services to streamline, resolve, fast-track and optimize your current EMR/EHR system implementation.

We focus on providing solutions to these topics:

  • Have you discovered and mapped out your own internal workflows?
  • Did your validation sessions, fully identify the sources and decisions that your facility needs?
  • Will your Training Curriculum speak directly to you current business model?
  • Would eLearning advance your knowledge hand off?
  • Are you prepared to meet your Golive timeframes, and staffing demands?
We are the professionals who HAVE BEEN THERE!

We fully understand that there are processes, and process improvement. We specialize in process improvements.

Our Services include:
  • Facility Work Flow Mapping Go Live Facility Support
  • System Configurations (through certified personnel) Post Go Live Training
  • Experienced Project Management (through certified personnel) Optimization Cycle Support
  • Full Training Cycle Management
  • Work flow to system conversion training materials
  • Captivate / eLearning construction