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As a preferred partner, Berean provides iPAS education, development, and support for clients before and after engaging IBM about entertaining iPAS solution for cloud systems.

We lead our client’s hand-to-hand all the way from the beginning stages of exploration and research, to the final goal of maintaining simple and straightforward cloud applications and systems.

As first stage we assess client current production hardware plus software systems, software architecture, and performance throughput. We evaluate development and maintenance for Time, Material and Costs. Based on the evaluation results, we recommend the best migration practice to a cloud system. We believe that the IBM iPAS to be the best cloud solution for companies with large and diversified systems as iPAS provides simplest migration path, build and maintenance of virtualization, cloud technologies, and large hard drive storage along with new virtual machine technology for best performance. Think of it as one-stop-shop solution for all your enterprise hardware and software needs, and with Pure Systems Centre (center) where you can purchase software same way you download applications from Apple Store or Google Play Store for personal use.

Along the evaluation and decision making process, our education team engages with client development teams to provide education on IBM iPAS systems. Education includes managerial overviews, ICCT plus PDK plugin development and administration workshops.As part of client engagement we provide 24X7 support by support centers in multiple locations including USA, Israel and India.